We are now open on Wednesdays
Club will be open at 1:00 P.M. for
practice and other activities TBA.

We will start meats shoots again this fall.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the meat shoots this last year.

League Shoots
June 3rd
If you didn't make it out you can still come sign up and shoot a make up score.
$60 for 50 targets per week for 6 weeks.
25 Singles and 25 handicap
Bring you friends and form a squad or we will place you in a squad.  League shooting a great way to learn about trap shooting and have a lot of fun.

RMGC Registered Shoots

June 7th Late Spring
Warm up Sunday
Shoot Starts at 9:00am
ATA fee $3  WSTA fee $6
Event 1- 100 Singles $27
Event 2- 100 Handicap  $27
(Calcutta before event)
Event 3- Doubles 50 pair  $27

Lewis and declared classes for each event.

July 17-19  Zone
June 17th, Friday  9:00 am
Event 1 Class Doubles  50 pair
Event 2 Class Singles  100 targets
Event 3 Handicap 100 targets
$3 ATA and $3 WSTA fees daily
$27 /event, Zone fee $1
Trophy fee $1
Lewis Purse and 3 classes,
60-40, Ties divide.

June 18th, Saturday, 9:00am
Western Zone Singles Championship
Event 4  200 Targets
$54 as well as fees for Lewis, and other add ons.
Club trophies for Champion, Runner up, AA, A,B, C, and D classes as well as Lady,Junior, Sub Jr, Vet, and Sr Vet.

June 19th, Sunday, 9:00am
Event 5  WZ Doubles Championship
50 pair
$27 and daily fees
Event 6  WZ Handicap Championship
100 Targets
$27 and daily fees
Lewis Purse,classes, Special events, 60-40, etc can be added at $10 per option.

Sept 13
Sept 27

Wyoming State Shoot
July 1-5 in Laramie

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